Below you will see that we have put together a list of frequently asked questions, most of which we are asked about on a regular basis. We invite you to contact us by telephone or email and we will be more than happy to help answer your queries.

What is self storage?

Self Storage is a rather a recent UK industry serving both business and private property owners. Self storage generally uses a variety of room sizes that can be hired. From a straight forward locker up to a room the size of an Olympic pool we can offer you long or short term storage solutions to suit the space in which you want to store your items.
We ask you to transport your items or possessions to our storage centres, lock them in your chosen storage room with your own padlock and then you are permitted to come and go as required during our long opening hours. You will be the only key holder and we are insured for you to store almost anything – unless of course, the items are flammable, perishable or live.

How does Self Storage at 1 BIG work?

You are able to store your items or possessions from as little as a month or for years – basically our service will offer you space as long as you need it. Storage rooms or lockers are usually booked in advance so that the size of space needed is available on the day you will arrive. If you need to increase the space or downgrade to a smaller storage room whilst your possessions are being stored this is easy to do also.

The impressive self storage at 1Big is flexible. Our storage solutions offer you a high security, flexibility and a hassle free service. In fact it couldn’t be easier to choose us. Our one-stop-shop approach to storage ensures you can store anything safely. Our storage experts will manage any issues professionally. Our team are fully trained in order to assist and advise you on all aspects of our storage; making sure you receive the best service as well as real value for money.

What is included in the price - are there any hidden extras?

We will quote you based on the size of your items and the quantity. Our expert team will work out the floor space required. Prices include VAT (from the 1st of October 2012.) We ask you to provide a padlock or buy one from our range, and your items and possessions will need to be insured whilst stored with 1 BIG.

How long can my possessions remain in your storage centres?

We invite our customers to keep their items and possessions in storage as long as is needed.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, obviously we are fully liability insured for buildings, contents and people on site. However you must personally insure your possessions whilst they are in storage. 1 BIG offers a tailored insurance which is flexible enough to suit every need.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in Tilbury in Essex but have residential and commercial customers from the whole of Essex and London. We have business and private customers from all of the major towns locally including Basildon, Canvey, Southend, Dagenham and Romford.

Do you have office space?

Yes. We are a large storage facility and we do also offer office rental. We welcome you to visit our office page to find out more or contact us directly.

What level of security do you have?

We take the security of your property and possessions very seriously.
To protect your stored items all of our centres entail staffed receptions, highly sophisticated and monitored alarm systems along with 24hr CCTV surveillance. We control the access to our storage centres and control this extremely strictly. In addition to this, you are the solo key holder and the only person with access to your room which is locked with a padlock.

Do I need my own padlock?

Yes, you will be required to use your own padlock. This ensures that you are the sole key holder and you will be responsible for securely locking your room so it cannot be accessed. 1 BIG stock full ranges of high security, heavy duty padlocks that are great value, you will see our selection when you arrive. Alternatively you can buy your own and bring it with you.

Do you have special offers or available discounts?

We offer great value so that’s a 1 BIG yes! We will promise to beat any genuine written quote based on the same requirements. We will reduce our quote by 10% upon proof of the other original quote.

How quickly can my items be brought into storage?

You are welcome to move your items into our storage centres on the day of the enquiry (during opening hours.) or you can arrange a collection service where we come to you with a container in which we transport to our storage facility. We do recommend, however, that if you are moving home and need to store goods, that you call us in advance to ensure the size of storage space is available on your expected moving out day. This can be flexible as we realise not all moves take place as smoothly as we would all like.

We will accept your storage request when you arrive only if the relevant documentation is supplied. You will need to complete and sign the contract as agreed. Two forms of identification are required. One of the forms of ID must contain a photo (passport or driving licence) and the other should be a utility bill which is fewer than 3 months old.

Do I get regular access to my items?

We welcome our customers to the storage centres 6 days a week during our opening hours (please refer to the ‘opening hours’ page or your paperwork for details.) We allow you can come and go as you wish, signing in at our manned reception.

Can I upgrade or downgrade to another sized space?

Whilst you have items in storage with 1 BIG, you can easily change the size of locker or room at any time depending on the required size being available at that time.

How much will it cost to store items with 1 BIG?

The price structure we have developed is determined by the space needed to store all of your items safely. Our commitment to all of our customers is that we will aim to offer your space in the smallest space possible. Because the rental charge will be calculated using the proposed floor area of the storage locker or room, the smaller your floor area the cheaper it will be.

What is the minimum time I can store for?

Our minimum rental period is the short term solution where you can store for one month. Storage can be taken up for as long as you need as there is no maximum rental period. What this can mean is if you take a month and your circumstances change, you can store for longer and even decrease or increase the space you have whilst you are storing your possessions.

Do I pay monthly?

Our admin team will invoice you on a four-weekly basis. This will be payable in advance.

What kind of payment do you accept?

The majority of our customers choose to make payment by direct debit which we can notify your bank of. We also accept credit and debit cards.

How do I my possessions get to you?

We ask that you bring your items and belongings to our purpose built centre or request a quote for a collection when we bring a mobile container to you. Should you wish to transport your own possessions, we do have extensive loading areas to make it easier. They can be used whether you are delivering your possession in a car or a larger vehicle. Our car park offers ample parking bays.

Do you offer storage for business?

Yes. Our flexible short or long term contracts are perfect for business storage requirements. With no minimum or maximum stay, you will be guaranteed fixed prices for at least 12 months. We have special business rates so please do contact us to find out more.