Packaging Suppliers Guide

Keep your goods safe and secure with our range of packaging materials, all available to purchase from our staff on arrival at Reception;

Storage Boxes

Our storage boxes allow you to stack boxes, therefore minimising the amount of storage space you need.

We can supply you with storage boxes of all sizes. You may need some smaller boxes for the more fragile items you have and larger boxes for children’s toys and electrical goods. They are good quality boxes that will not fall apart after a short amount of time. Our archive boxes are ideal for packing important documents and any utility bills you may have.

  • Archive box – great for paper work, files and books
  • Small & medium box – for everyday small items
  • Large box – for bigger items

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Protective Packaging

Protect your belongings by wrapping them in purpose-made protective packaging.

This will keep all of your belongings protected while the boxes are being moved around and while they are being stored at our secure storage facilities. Your fragile items are less likely to get broken if they are wrapped up correctly. The protective packages will also prevent any damp getting through.

  • Bubble wrap – perfect for larger items such as electrical appliances
  • Acid free tissue – use this to protect glassware & crockery
  • Void fill – minimise damage by filling gaps to keep your goods in place
  • Moisture absorbers – a must-have, to prevent damp penetrating your goods
  • Dustsheets – use them under and over your goods, keep them dust-free!

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Helpful Supplies

Some things aren’t essential, but they do make your job easier!

Labelling your boxes will help you to know exactly what you have stored in them making it easier for you to know which room the boxes should go in once you move. Once you have filled up each box, please make sure you tape it up on both ends ensuring nothing can fall out. Gripper gloves are going to protect your hands while lifting heavy boxes. We advise that you use these when moving your boxes around.

  • Marker pen – remind yourself what’s in those boxes!
  • Fragile tape – remind your helpers that a box needs moving with care
  • Gripper gloves – to protect your hands and give extra grip when you need it
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Miscellaneous Supplies

If you are going to store all your belongings in our secure storage facilities, it is always useful to have these helpful things at hand:

  • A disposable knife
  • Tape measure
  • Collapsible crates
  • Black sack
  • Sticky labels
  • Parcel tape

We do sell storage boxes, tape and bubble wrap so please contact us if you would like to purchase any of these products to make your move go more smoothly.

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