If you are a company based locally in Essex or in the City and are looking for storage solutions, then look no further. 1 Big Storage solutions can offer you somewhere safe and secure for you to keep important documents or to store any office furniture you may have especially if you have decided to move to another location. Our storage units come in many sizes big enough to store tables, office chairs, filing cabinets and electrical equipment. We also have storage facilities that can just store paper documents. We can accommodate you with whatever you need.

Documents, Furniture, Business Equipment - Stored Safely and Securely

There are many local and City based businesses that need to store and retrieve paper documents regularly, as part of their business or for legal requirements. So if you are a company like this and you are based anywhere in Essex or London, then we can help you by hiring out one of our storage rooms or archive stores.


At 1 Big Storage, we can store, retrieve and deliver documents on demand, offering a superior service that is there when you need it. We already work alongside many international companies and organisations and store thousands of documents for them. Retrieval requests are easy to make so just let us know what you require and we will quickly obtain the correct documents for you as soon as possible. If it is equipment or pieces of furniture that you have stored, then this can be collected as and when you need it.

The majority of our clients are based in the City because we have facilities just 10 minutes from the M25 so they are incredibly accessible. Blue chip law firms and national insurance companies based in London and the surrounding counties already take advantage of our superior services because we are so easy to get too.

Document Retrieval When You Need It

Our archive retrieval service however is not just for large businesses. We offer our document storage services to anyone who needs the ability to store documents and have them retrieved by our professional team as soon as they need them.  Whether you are a large organisation or an individual, we can help.

We do provide longer term storage options with all our deep store and archive storage services.

Like we mentioned before, in addition to our excellent document archive and storage facilities, we can also store all kinds of office equipment and furniture. If you are thinking about re-decorating your offices, then hiring out our storage units is going to be beneficial. Our units are secure, very clean and can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Furniture, Documentation & Equipment Storage – Easy Retrieval When Required

Simply put, our purpose built storage facilities provide you with absolute security, our team provide the utmost safety where your items are concerned, and we ensure that we can assist when you need to retrieve your documents.

During our opening times our team will be on hand to assist when you need to store any sensitive documents or when you need to archive specific files that need to be retained. With storage that is entirely waterproof, secure and inaccessible to those without permission we will ensure that your documents are completely safe.

So if you are in business or have a personal reason for which you need to choose short term document storage or longer term deep storage or archiving then we will make sure that we can cater for your every need. We are here to help and with accessible facilities that are easy to find, just one owner (you and any other key holder you select) per storage space, and our assurance of a secure and safe storage room we can make sure that we offer our full support.

Join the many business and private clients who are our customers and have already taken advantage of our document storage and retrieval services and call our professional team today.