Deep storage provided by 1 BIG Storage Solutions has been designed for companies that really need the option to store documents and files on a long term basis.

Our team have created one of the most superior services that mean our clients can take advantage of storing files, archiving documents and keeping records long term. We provide an exclusive service that offers long term storage that can’t be matched elsewhere.

Deep Storage Options

We have designed the best services that have been created for businesses who would like the option to store files and documents for a long period of time. We offer one of the best long term options that can rarely be sourced. This offers our clients the best chance to be able to retrieve items and possessions at a time that is convenient to them.

With affordable options as well as easy storage solutions, we know we are the best storage company to go for that is based in Essex.

Our professional team have introduced a superb deep storage solution that is tailor made to every single one of our clients. You have the choice to store retrievable documents and non-retrievable files which means that you can opt for a lower priced service that suits you and your full requirements. Whether you have legal documents that have to be retained or you wish to archive documentation for your own purposes then we will assist.

Deep Storage, Documentation, Archives & More

Deep storage is a service we provide long term. We do however have a professional team that offers a retrieval service on our longer term contracts. They may ask for a fee if you wish to recover your documents from our deep storage units as it can take time to retrieve the unit itself and to locate your exact files or boxes. The minimum time you can hire out our deep storage units is 4 years.

If you would like to find out more about deep storage and archiving, please call our friendly and professional team for details and prices today.

For more information view our dedicated document website.