1 BIG Storage Solutions offers business records management solutions that provide our clients with a significant return on investment. The cost of office space these days is something that businesses are focusing on. Being able to scan documents and hold them offsite means that you can utilise your space more positively.

Paperless Document Scanning & Management

Our client base includes blue chip companies from across the South East as well as smaller businesses. These businesses have been more than happy to recommend us time and time again to local companies that have used our paperless document scanning and management services frequently. We have helped these companies to reduce their costs whilst improving the business process by driving innovation to our facilities.

The services we provide are:

  • Document scanning
  • Document management
  • Asset storage
  • Document destruction
  • Deep storage

Our team pride themselves on being accredited with the relevant ISO certification for data security and document management. What this means for you is that sensitive data remains on site and is at no risk of leaking into the wrong hands.

Large Format, Post Room & Regular Document Scans

We provide the very best quality data capture and we continuously invest in up to the minute software that allows us to scan images quickly and professionally. Large or small, we will scan documents and manage them on your behalf.

Our scanning technology allows us to offer advanced image capture that is purely superb quality. Once all your documents have been scanned we can safely shred and destroy documents that are no longer required.

For any of our clients who cannot afford to pay for all documents to be scanned we provide an on demand service also, which means that you can take advantage of an affordable and flexible service where you can retrieve your documentation when you need to during opening hours.

Scanning, Digitising & Storage

We realise the importance of being able to scan and digitise files and documents, as well as storing them safely. However, it can be a timely thing scanning and digitising your entire files, archives and documentation. 1 BIG Storage Solutions can offer you solutions that help to take the hassle out of manual conversions; giving you the chance to take advantage of on-demand scanning, pay as you go solutions, bulk scanning and document storage that are entirely cost effective to both small and large businesses.

Documentation & File Scanning & Digitisation

Intelligent, innovative and impressively priced; our dynamic software scans and digitises your files and documents at costs that are affordable to businesses of all sizes. Taking advantage of our on-demand scanning, pay as you go solutions and bulk scanning mean you can benefit from cost effective solutions that work.

We have purpose-built vehicles that can collect all of your documentation or media. It will then deliver all these to us where we will scan them, back them up and store them as required.

We optimise our storage space so that every piece of paperwork we receive can be stored neatly, making it easy for us to retrieve when it is needed.

Our professional team will work with you so that they scan only the documents that need to be scanned and put onto a computer.

Our colleagues will schedule repeat scanning or regular scanning so they can focus on recording documents you need when they’re at the end of their life.

Electronic Format, Save Space, Archiving

If you would also like to retrieve physical documentation, then we can do that too – our team will scan on request, meaning that anything you store with us can be recovered when you require it. We offer a flexible and full solution to all of your documentation needs:

  • Free Collection
  • Free Test Sample
  • Free Storage (for a period following completion)

  • Free Secure Certificated Shredding
  • Latest High Speed Scanners (high volume projects)
  • OCR* (Optical Character Recognition

OCR* will enable you to retrieve any scanned business document as well as information file within seconds. It works just like a search engine; type in your required word or phrase and you can discover your files within seconds.

We are serious about your business information so take it upon ourselves to ensure it is safe and secure at all times.

We have been accredited with ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 which offers each and every one of our clients complete confidence in dealing with 1 BIG Storage Solutions.

We cater for any type of documentation requirement from standard A4 sized files to plans, newspapers and magazines.

With constant security, alarmed scanning areas and fully tracked transport we ensure that every file is safe. Our site is gated with security personnel working the grounds outside office hours.

Our experienced staff who work on your documents always provide a high level of accuracy as well as quality control at every stage of storing, managing, scanning and shredding.

Any outputting of files is always scanned to PDF or Tiff formats so they can be stored, if needed, on our secured private cloud. This ensures that you can view them online at any time.

With such innovative scanning and digitisation solutions, we know you will be pleased with our service.

All of our archive boxes are given a barcode so that when we need to retrieve your documents, we can identify the box accurately.

Please call or email our knowledgeable team now to discover more about document scanning, disaster recovery and any other services we provide.

For more information view our dedicated document website.